Types of Virtual Field Trips
Virtual Field Trips can be as varied and diverse as real field trips. Below are descriptions of some common types of VFTs.

Interactive VFTs – An interactive Virtual Field Trip is one which requires involvement of the student. It can include a number of links students can choose to visit, sounds students can listen to, videos or photos students can look and, or other student input. Interactive VFTs work best with students who can navigate the choices and options with at least some independence.

Simulation VFTS – Simulation VFTs, as the name implies, involve the students participating in some type of simulated event. The simulation can be through software such a Google Earth’s Flight Simulator, or on the internet. Many internet simulations can be found, particularly those supporting science content, such as building a roller coaster, or balancing objects.

Virtual Tours – Virtual Tours are VFTs where the students tour a building, place, or historical site virtually. Many museums and companies offer virtual tours on their websites. These tours allow students to see things like famous artwork and company production lines.

Information Gathering or Research VFTs – These VFTs are designed with the intent of the student conducting research as they go on their VFT. Information gathering trips may include activities such as keeping a diary or journal along the trip to note important information.

Inter-Schools VFT – These are VFTs where students and/or teachers design a VFT about their community, school, or classroom, or even a content area they are studying. After the VFT is designed, the VFT is shared with another classroom or school in a different location. That classroom/school in turn, shares a similar VFT of their community, school, or content area.